Athabasca Golf

Covid Protocols

Covid Rules and Protocols (Updated May 7th)

We are obviously in unprecedented times and we truly appreciate your patience as we try to find the best possible solutions for what will be a difficult next few weeks.

The government of Alberta has come out with a very clear message that from Monday, May 10th through Sunday, May 23rd, only members of the same household or if you live alone and the two people in your cohort (who also live alone) may golf together.

The rules are as follows: Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated:

  1. Household Golfers – any player that is part of a household (living together) that has more than one golfer.  You may only play together as a group or individuals may choose to play as a single.  
  2. Single Golfer – Any player that is the only golfer within their household.  You are permitted to elect two close contacts to play with.  Those individuals can not be from the household golfers group above.  You must remain with the same contacts for the duration of the AHS rules.  (choose wisely).  These rules will be strictly enforced.  

Regardless of how you feel about their decision, it is our responsibility to inform you of the new protocols and make you aware that the fine for breaking the rules has been increased to $2,000.00.

  1. We are booking 18 hole rounds.
  2. Up to 3 players per tee time (same household/cohort), on-line system will only allow twosomes to book, but you can call the pro shop after securing your tee time to add the third player.  
  3. All leagues are postponed.
  4. Decreased tee time gaps from 15 minutes to every 7 minutes.
  5. Lessons and fittings have to be cancelled until restrictions are lifted.

We were informed that golf was on the list of industries to be closed, however, the industry’s commitment to being responsible and ensuring protocols were put into place to maintain the safety and well-being of golfers were the key deciding factors in the industry being permitted to remain open.

We are very fortunate to be able to golf at this time and we must follow these rules in order to continue golfing for the remainder of the season.

All Other Covid Protocols

  1. All tee times will be required to be booked over the phone or online at:
  2. Masks are to be worn at all times inside the clubhouse.
  3. Tee times will be in 7 minute intervals. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior unless it has been cleared with the Pro Shop.
  4. No walk ins will be permitted. You must have a tee time to enter the course.
  5. The Pro Shop will be open to golfers, with a maximum of 4 customers in the shop or restaurant at one time.
  6. There will be limited washrooms on the course. (Hole 4/5, Hole 9/10, & Hole 15)
  7. All transactions will be debit/credit card. (No Cash)
  8. Power carts are not allowed to be shared unless you are members of the same household.
  9. Players arriving at the course are asked to stay in their vehicle until 15 minutes before their tee time. No gathering prior to tee time.
  10. All power carts and pull carts will be sanitized prior to use. Players are to discard their garbage after use in the cart return area.
  11. Practice green will be permitted for use 20 minutes prior to the tee time.
  12. Driving range is open, however please call ahead for range use or confirm you will be arriving early for your tee time to use the range.
  13. Upon completion of the round, players are required to leave the area. (No congregating in the parking lot or around the clubhouse)
  14. Bunker rakes, ball washers and benches have been removed from the course.
  15. Flagsticks must stay in the hole at all times.
  16. Practice social distance on the course. Keep 6′ from one another. 

16 All carts must be returned by 10 pm.

Those not adhering to the protocols will be asked to leave the property.

Pro Shop: 780-675-4599